Chemical Testing

A chemical test is a qualitative or quantitative procedure designed to prove the existence of, or to quantify, a chemical compound or chemical group with the aid of a specific reagent. We at IDTL provide the most efficient chemical testing using modern methods.

· Spectroscopic Analysis

IDTL has advanced its capability of chemical analysis of metallic samples by adding the latest technology optical emission spectrometer for chemical analysis of metallic samples. IDTL is the one of the very few independent testing laboratory in eastern India to have spectrometer analysis of chemicals in metallic samples.

As a continual commitment to the industry to be the single point of contact for testing services, IDTL has invested in the latest technology spectrometer for chemical analysis of metallic samples, replacing our older WET method of chemical analysis.

· WET Method

Wet method refers to chemistry performed on samples in the liquid phase. Since wet chemical analysis is performed on liquid samples, this type of element analysis can often be performed on samples too small for other instrumental methods.

Although the spectrometer has been installed this method of analysis is still used in case some tests need to be performed in the liquid phase.