IDTL provides a wide array of testing services. All the requisites to offer a complete testing service to our clients have been fulfilled by us.

IDTL has been installed with all new age instruments required for accurate and speedy results for each testing service offered by us. The instruments are well calibrated by NABL accredited laboratories and provided with an environment which helps in minimizing errors and producing precise and accurate results.

We also make it sure that all the testing and inspections are carried out in an authentic manner complying with the appropriate National & International Standards (ISO / IEC : 17025 : 2005).

It is committed to satisfy customers by providing quality services at competitive cost.



· Spectrometric Laboratoryspectrometric lab

The Spectrometric laboratory has the sophisticated Optical Emission Spectrometer imported from M/s. Spectromaxx, Germany. This allows tests to be performed within a very short period of time.
Moreover the results obtained after spectro analysis are found more reliable & accurate. A special feature of the spectrometer is the estimation of percentage of nitrogen in ferrous groups which could not be determined earlier.




· Metallographic LaboratoryMetallographic Lab

The Metallographic Laboratory has a unique inverted light microscope with a digital camera made by Operka Optical Instrument. The microscope has an in-built polarised light facility for ascertaining the clear differences between Silicate and Sulphide inclusions which otherwise is difficult using the conventional microscope.





· Mechanical Testing Laboratory

The mechanical testing laboratory is equipped with 60 tonnes U.T.S machine and Hardness Testing (Brinell & Rockwell) machines.


Mechanical Testing LabMechanical Testing Laboratory

Important Note:

Our laboratory has the experienced engineers, mettalurgists and technicans ensuring quality services to our customers.

The key persons which can be directly contacted are given below.


Mr. Malay Kumar Khasnobis has a wide experience in the field of metallurgy. He had been working with the Quality Sector of Forgings in M/s Hindustan Motors Ltd for 20 years after which he joined Datre Corporation Ltd (a state of art steel foundry) as Quality Head. Later in 2007 he moved to our laboratory as technical and quality manager.

Ph: (+91) 98305-11434


Mr. Siddhartha Mukherjee is well experienced in the field of mechanical and non destructive testing. He also has considerable experience with other NABL accredited laboratories.

Ph: (+91) 98305-44564


Mr. D. Datta, Chief Chemist.

Ph : (+91) 75011-40355

Mr. G. Chatterjee, Chemist

Ph: (+91) 98361-40080