About Us

 founder_idtlEstablished in the year 2000, Industrial Development and Testing Laboratory (IDTL) is an authentic Inspection, Testing and Quality Assurance House, providing multifarious services to its customers.

IDTL provides comprehensive testing services in the field of Chemical (ferrous and non-ferrous) and Mechanical testing. It also provides Impact testing, Salt Spray testing, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), Metallography testing, Metallurgical failure analysis amongst others. It undertakes other tailor made testing processes as required by its customers.

IDTL has been growing remarkably under the leadership of Mr. Mahindra Kumar Chaudhary. Today, it has all the modern facilities installed in its laboratory for chemical and mechanical testing.

We believe that quality has no end and there is always scope for continual improvement.

IDTL as a preferred testing laboratory should be preferred because

  • Equipped with superior infrastructure facilities and latest technology for testing
  • Experienced and qualified engineers for conducting the tests and analysis
  • Provides Door to Door service facilities to its customers
  • Minimum communication gap between the laboratory and customer

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